Academic Coaching

11th & 12th (School plus Coaching)/ IIT-JEE and Pre-Medical Coaching.


Maxima Concepts is an academic venture of socially inclined & highly experienced promoters in the field of education, having ambition to build the career of students from very scratch to successful individual through education and mentoring.
Maxima Concepts has been formed not just for Academic Coaching rather it is Career & life Coaching institution with focus on academic as well as life skills. A student at Maxima is so trained that he develops healthy personality traits, self study habits, discipline & adapts to social & cultural values.
We believe that current level of deficiency in ( Level of standing / position in academics in class ) is no longer is barrier in long term achievement of career goals of a student, if proper steps of career building measures are implemented. Entry level assessment of aptitude, Scholastic level information, proper training, periodic assessment, competitive group formation and rewards for encouragement are simple steps that will bring the best if followed sincerely.
Truthfulness, transparency, sincerity, commitment to results & improvement in student’s habits require very high energy and utmost care from all – student, teacher, parent & Hostel administration. The very step of joining a student into maxima system is commitment for all above from all the participating members.
Maxima Concepts is the best solution for Schooling, Hostel and Competition training with family like care, discipline and values in one campus.