About Us

Who are we and what we do ...

Who Are We?

RCPL Academy (Ratandeep Consultants Pvt Ltd) has been started with an aim and motto to make the youth population of India employable.

RCPL Academy Campus is a one-stop solution providing course to students looking to pursue job by increasing the probability of employment in India and abroad.

RCPL Academy is India’s unique training campus that helps students connect with trainers to enhance skill to make them employable with wide option in various sectors that lure trained and certified professionals eg:- Retail, Healthcare, BPO, etc.

Career is a big emotional decision and therefore, at RCPL Academy Campus, we provide the most convenient counselling to facilitate aspirants in decision making. Our efficient counselling team assists aspirants in decision making to choose a promising career based on aspirant’s preferences and expectations.

Education seekers get personalized information based on educational background and career interest, enabling them to make decisions on the career.

This is India’s smartest gateway that blends education related domain knowledge with development of skill.

With a team of like-minded people proficient in their own fields, we commit satisfaction to all our clients and customers in all forms.


Empower with Skills, Education and Training to create a Skillful Indian Community.


RCPL was founded in 2009 with the sole mission to provide high-quality services. Nurture talent, impart best possible skill training and create competent and inspired professionals and develop them as a Skilled professionals, leaders, self-dependent with values, vision & versatility.